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    • What is a participative leadership training?

      This training programme is more than a work shadow.  It was an immersive work experience where trainees prepared for, observed (and where appropriate participate in), Ambios Ltd internal and external business meetings.  Trainees were expected to think and act at leadership level.  This involved reading, researching and engaging with pre-meeting briefing materials before attending, alongside Ambios senior leaders, critical project meetings that progressed real, current and live project pathways.  Ambios senior leaders then facilitated in trainee led focused post-meeting reflective sessions which describe social, economic and environmental impacts and outcomes. Trainees were expected to narrate their personal observations and experiences throughout the training programme via personal video recordings.

      Trainees came prepared to be reflective, resourceful and resilient and to respond to both intellectual and physical challenges.  Ambios ethos includes a growth mindset and solutions focused approach to teaching and learning across all its nature conservation training programmes and Trainees had to quickly engage with this.

      Before arriving, trainees had to read the Ambios Business Plan and the Internationalisation Strategy.
      Together trainees and the Ambios team worked through a presentation and Leadership Infographic about the learning environment which is at the core of Ambios ethos.  This learning was consolidated using the Trainees Understanding sheet.  The meetings with partner organisations where annotated by Trainees using the Trainees Recording of meeting sheet.

      The training also featured a Knowledge Café attended by local nature conservation employers and trainees had the chance to discuss current skills needs and job opportunities as they visited each Café table and the employer guests.