Topic outline

  • General

    • What was this training like?

      Watch this 4 mins long slideshow to get an impression of our training environment

      • What is a Participative Leadership Training?

        The Participative Leadership Training (PLT) gives an opportunity for you to gather impressions about various aspects of the biodiversity conservation profession. This will be carried out with a special way of job shadowing and by participating in versatile activities such as project building, negotiation, project management, and conservation liaison with various partners in the sector. The focus is placed on the leadership traits and virtues as this project wishes to encourage young conservationists to grow their mindset, their entrepreneurial attitude and eventually their independent leader qualities.

        To achieve these goals participants will witness and more importantly actively participate in several meetings between Ambios and its present and future partners to experience how project ideas can come alive. 

        In 3 international teams of 3 trainees, you will engage with different projects and feedback to the wider team each evening. The projects will include: exploring increasing barn owl habitat options at Lower Sharpham Farm; traineeships and outreach at Glastonbury Abbey;  training links with our local AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty - ); volunteer management; marine conservation and the 2018 Ambios Wildlife Farm Faye.  Expect to engage (physically and mentally), interact, think, discuss, share, evaluation and feedback on the particular projects you experience - different international teams will look at different projects and through sharing thoughts everyone will have an opportunity to feed into the Ambios forward plan - perhaps you can sow a seed for the future….

        This part of the Careers In Conservation project provides an opportunity for you to gather impressions about various professions within for the world of work for biodiversity conservation. This will be carried out via what we call a Knowledge Café, where you get to meet employers ‘over the coffee table’ and ask them questions and hear their thoughts about skills, recruitment and job opportunities.  You will also be job shadowing, participating in versatile activities in the work place which may include biodiversity survey, conservation interpretation and education, management and administration and practical biodiversity management conservation tasks. 

        Read the file below!

      • Pre-training preparation

        Trainee assignments pre-training (deadline 10 August 2017)


        No1. View the relevant video Career pathways in the UK, HU, PT (15mins each)

        No2. Read Ambios Ltd organisation documents:
        1) Business plan
        2) Farm vision
        3) Internationalisation strategy
        4) Teach and Learning policy
        5) Participative Leadership Training - Concept

        No3. Read this real job advertisement and submit your specifically tailored job application (CV + motivation letter). Our colleagues will comment on your application whether there is any way to make it even better. 

        No4. Familiarisation with Accommodation

        No5. Pre-training survey: We would like to explore your level of “confidence” in a range of topics to measure the effectiveness of the training you are about to undertake. The questions take about 10 minutes to answer.

        • Venue and accommodation

          Our accommodation at Warren Barn

          More info here and here

          This is dormitory type accommodation with joint use of showers and toilets.  The barn is located in a remote rural area with little or no mobile telephone signal in the building itself.  Mobile reception is possible from a short walk away or sometimes at the barn itself depending on the weather (sunny is good!) and/or your mobile phone operator. 

          All meals will be provided with breakfast self-service at Warren Barn each day.  Depending on the timetable for the day, at breakfast time you may need to make a self-service packed lunch.  Otherwise all other meals will be at Lower Sharpham Farm from where we aim to run all the training sessions.

          If you have any specific dietary requirements please email by 10 August with the following Subject Heading and putting your name at the end : KA2 dietary requirements - your name.  E.g. KA2 dietary requirements – Fred Smith

          • Checklist

            What you will need to bring;

            ·         Sleeping bag & pillow

            ·         Torch

            ·         Clothes for warm and cold weather – the climate can be unpredictable

            ·         Sun hat/warm hat/suncream

            ·         Packed lunch box

            ·         Water bottle

            ·         Good waterproof coat - (waterproof trousers are optional)

            ·         Sturdy work/walking boots

            ·         Shoes for around the house  (optional) – a pair slippers or sandals as we do not allow shoes worn inside

            ·         Wash kit and eco-friendly/natural toiletries  

            ·         First aid kit –with plasters, blister kit, antiseptic wipes etc.

            ·         Watch/alarm clock

            ·         Laptop or personal computer – there is access to a shared computer if you do not have one

            ·         Mobile telephone and charger with UK power adaptor

            ·         Binoculars (optional)

            ·         Pen and note book

            Check before leave your country

            EU Health Insurance Card

            Passport/ID card Expire Date

            Boarding Pass is with you

            If required - medication, name of illness/allergy in English