Topic outline

  • Generic career websites, groups

    Researchgate A website for academics to record and upload their publications and projects An alternative website for academics to record and upload their publications and projects

    Linkedin A professional network of people and organisations including many of the organisations listed here as well as ecological consultants. Look out for people you know and useful discussion groups.

    Conservation Volunteers TCV works with thousands of people across the UK, helping them to discover, improve and enjoy their local green spaces and by doing so create happier and healthier communities.

    Zöld Karrier levelező csoport  Magyar nyelvű email levelezőlista zöld karrier lehetőségekről  

    Zöld Civil tájékoztató lista  Magyar nyelvű email levelezőlista a magyar zöld civil életről Állások, karrier tanácsadás, önismeret, tudatos pályatervezés

    Free trainings in conservation  - Portuguese page

    • Ecology and conservation biology groups

      Biodiversity professionals (LinkedIn group). “Our group provides professionals working in biodiversity and related fields the opportunity to share knowledge, air thoughts and opinions and to learn from each other.”

      British Ecological Society Professional Society for academic ecologists and researchers.

      Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges.  (website and LinkedIn group). “The EAUC is the sustainability champion for UK universities and colleges. We are the one stop shop for stimulating and bringing about sustainability in the sector.”

      Chartered Institute for Ecology and Environment Management (CIEEM) (Website and Facebook group). “CIEEM is the leading professional membership body representing and supporting ecologists and environmental managers in the UK, Ireland and abroad.”

      The Wildlife Trusts Goal = nature recovery, on land and sea. Each of the 47 Wildlife Trusts is an independent, autonomous charity with its own trustees, whose primary concern is the conservation of nature within its own geographical area.

      Natural England (Wales and Scotland) Government advisors on nature conservation for England.

      National Biodiversity Network A collaborative partnership created to exchange biodiversity information. 

      National Trust Protecting UK heritage - built and natural

      Biodiversity Records Centre The Biological Records Centre (BRC) is a national focus in the UK for terrestrial and freshwater species recording.

      National Parks The United Kingdom has 15 National Parks; Britain's breathing spaces

      People's Trust for Endangered Species Protecting wildlife in Britain and around the world by bringing our most threatened species back from the brink of extinction.

      Infocracy (Youtube csatorna) - Ökológiai filozófiáról, ökológiai politikáról és társadalomtudományokról szóló önképző felület környezetvédőknek.

      Greenfo - 5 éve az egyetlen hazai tematikus zöld hírcentrum. Hírlevél

      Caltha List - Ecology and conservation email forum, very important in Hungary 

      QUERCUS  One off the biggest nature conservation association in PT. It is involved in projects from sustainable farming to environmental awareness 

      FAPAS  Trust for protection of wild animals. 

      Institute for Nature Conservation 

      CPADA - Portuguese confederation of environmental associations  It as a list of several Portuguese environmental association, from local and national level

      APA - Portuguese environmental agency 

      WWF Portugal 

      • Bugs (Entomology)

        Buglife Buglife is the only organisation in Europe devoted to the conservation of all invertebrates.

        Amateur Entomologists Society A leading amateur society for the promotion of the study of insects, has strong international membership.

        Royal Entomological Society The professional body for entomologists across the world.

        British Dragonfly Society  to conserve dragonflies and to engage the public with dragonflies and their wetland habitats.

        British Earthworm Society  The Earthworm Society of Great Britain and Northern Ireland aims to promote and support scientific research so that earthworms and their environment can be better understood.

        Lepkész szakmai levelező lista. A Szalkay József Magyar Lepkészeti Egyesület tömöríteni kívánja mindazokat, akik a lepkéket kutatják és védik. Várjuk mind az amatőröket, akik hobbi szinten foglalkoznak a lepkékkel, mind azokat, akiknek hivatásukból fakad a lepkék kutatása. 

        SPEN - Sociedade Portuguesa de Entomologia (Website, facebook group). SPEN's activities cover all fields related to insects and other arthropods, including: Biology, taxonomy, systematics, ecology, distribution, biodiversity, genetics, conservation etc., with special reference to general and applied entomology, agricultural and forest entomology, medical and vegetable entomology, soil faunas etc.

        • Mammals

          Mammal Society  A UK charity advocating science-led mammal conservation

          The Badger Trust  Protecting badgers and their habitats

          UK Wild Otter Trust  Dedicated to promoting a positive understanding of the Otter & Otter conservation in all areas to as many people as possible and to raise the awareness through education, involvement & information.

          NDMP Dormouse Forum 

          Denevérvédelem Magyarországon Bats and their protection in Hungary 

          • Birds

            RSPB  Bird focused but also wider nature conservation charity - homes for nature, species recovering, international and partnerships 

            British Trust for Ornithology  The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) is an independent charitable research institute combining professional and citizen science aimed at using evidence of change in wildlife populations, particularly birds.

            Ragadozómadaras szakmai lista ( 

            Madárgyűrűző szakmai lista ( 

            Kuvikok védelme, ökológiája ( 

            SPEA Portuguese Society for Birds Protection and the national Birdlife partner

            • Botany

              Botanical society of Britain and Ireland  The BSBI is for everyone who cares about the wild plants of Britain and Ireland.

              Caltha List - Ecology and conservation email forum, very important in Hungary 

              • Marine conservation

                Marine Biological Association promote scientific research into all aspects of life in the sea, including the environment on which it depends, and to disseminate to the public the knowledge gained

                Marine Conservation Society Vision = for seas rich in wildlife, abundant fish stocks and pollution free beaches and bathing waters - seas that are fit for wildlife to thrive in and for people to enjoy, and seas that will support future generations with abundant resources