Topic outline

  • General

  • 2015 November

    The first Project Management Meeting (PMM) was held in Budapest 17-20 November, 2015. This  was the first meeting of the entire project as well. All partners within the partnership were represented and it was a very useful and truly progressive meeting in terms of project management issues (project timeline, implementation, assignments, promotion, recruitment, website, learning materials, forthcoming events, partner agreements, budget). 

    Interested ELTE students were invited for a project introduction and open lecture. Also an Erasmus+ Employability mini-fair was held in the university corridors during the course of the PMM where students were able to get information about the project and the possible ways of participation.

  • 2016 December

    The second Project Management Meeting (PMM) was held in Budapest  again, 6-8 December 2016. This PMM took place halfway through the project lifecycle when project progress towards outcomes could be evaluated and further actions identified, assigned and scheduled. Project partners evaluated the results and conclusions of the first test (Portugal) and placed a larger emphasis on the structure of the E-learning website.

    The peak event of the PMM was an open talk-show titled "my journey in conservation". After an intensive promotion of the lecture 50+ students came to listen to our speakers. Several great questions were raised by the audience after the talk and many new professional links were born in the Biological Museum of ELTE which gave an outstanding atmosphere to the event.

  • 2017 December

    The third Project Management Meeting took place in Budapest between the 12th  and 15th of December 2017. During the meeting partners were evaluating project achievements and they answered the question: 'How far have we got?' in relation to the 6 original project objectives. Michael Singh, external evaluator was also present during the meeting. He had an insight how the project had progressed.

    The partnership spent a significant amount of time on planning of a second future CiNC project. We had a meeting with some invited guests and also we visited the Central European University in order to disseminate project results and to seek new partners. ELTE students also benefited from the PMM as we delivered a very versatile selection of presentations in an open seminar - 5th during this project.