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  • Student training, Évora 2016

    Student training – Portugal Évora 11-17 October 2016

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    The Portuguese Training in Pictures

    The Careers in Conservation student training programme took place at Mitra Farm, University of Evora, Portugal in October 2016. This unique opportunity was allowing European students to explore the skills they would need to pursue successful careers in biodiversity management, either through their own entrepreneurial activity or by working for a wildlife management organisation.

    The one week long training enabled international collaboration and team work, exploring the details and differences around the technical language associated with biodiversity management.
    Trainees participated in a student focused and practical training. Interactive classroom sessions, debates and live talk show events made the training versatile. During the course of the training there were dedicated hours when trainees could survey the surrounding habitats in order to prepare a wildlife walk to practice public engagement skills.
    After Participants had returned their home countries they helped to spread the word among their peers about how important careers management is and that it never is too early to start an employability training.