Join a vibrant and dynamic team of academics and leaders from the world-of work from Italy, Portugal, Hungary and the UK on a series of  recorded Webinars to explore aspects of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  Thanks to Erasmus+ there is no charge for this programme of activities or the connected course & e-badge recognition.

This series of talks and discussions is part of  SHOUTOUT4SDGs: Making the UN Sustainable Development Goals explicit within Higher Education and the world of work.

About the course

Recorded webinars presented here and their linked learning materials will make up a course form which you can gain recognition via an e-badge and letter of endorsement. You don’t have to do the course, but it could help your c.v. and your networking into future jobs.

From whatever background you come from, this course will help you to explicitly link your actions or teaching to particular SDGs in relation to your professional area, be it ecology, water management, forestry or anything else. We hope that the logic of this course in transferrable to many other disciplines.

During the course we will be exploring different areas of scientific research while also following one particular story around an iconic bird species – the BARN OWL.  The story of this bird can reveal a rich network of interdependence of seemingly distant and independent global issues.

Economic growth, infrastructure, quality education, sustainable cities, climate action are only a few of the 17 goals, and we will show they all need to be taken into consideration if we intend to secure the long term survival of habitats, ecosystems, or a vulnerable species, such as the barn owl.

Registration and Enrollment to course

All the training courses are available without formal University registration or student enrolment.
To gain the e-badge via course assessment you will need register on our project website so that we have your contact details and can assess your work.


For registration please click here.


For no fee, we are offering you a special e-badge and ‘letter of endorsement’ signed by all the presenters on behalf of the organisations they represent to show that you attended the Webinars and explored the linked learning materials.

You will receive endorsement suitable for your  c.v. or job application covering letter signed by senior representative from the SHOUTOUT4SDGs project partners:

University of Padova, Italy
University of Evora, Portugal
Ambios Ltd, UK
Barn Owl Foundation, Hungary
Ambios Portugal, Portugal

To gain the e-badge and the endorsement letter describing your engagement you will need to complete 75% of all tasks (Webinars and linked learning materials). Further information is available on registration.