Barn Owl Foundation

The Barn Owl Foundation (BOF), Hungary is a Non Governmental Organisation established in 1997. The aim of the organisation is to embrace a wide spectrum of nature conservation and related social matters. Apart from the protection of endangered species and their habitats the Foundation is dedicated to tackling sectoral issues such as education, communication and employability challenges in the environmental sector. Through previous Leonardo projects BOF has strong links with UK, Polish and Portuguese organisations working with environmental communication/education.  Under the same funding and also via other grants BOF is also linked to organisations in Norway.

The BOF has experience in international cooperation in the area of vocational education, postgraduate trainings, mobility projects and the development of innovative learning materials (Transfer of Innovation EuroGIS-GPS, UK/11/LLP-LdV/TOI-463). The Foundation has hosted 90+ British trainees since 2008 under Leonardo Mobility programme, and sent 40+ Hungarian young career starters to the UK for language and professional training. BOF was awarded the International Cooperation Quality Award for its successful mobility programme (NatureTrain-1, LdV-HU-11-PLM-2020). BOF has been project coordinator of a number of multilateral projects (e.g. EEA/Norway Grant NCTA-2013-1955-E).

The BOF operates in the rural countryside across Hungary. Embedded in the less developed regions the Foundation can sensitively recognise social, educational and employment challenges. Most of the BOF’s initiatives address these problems in a holistic manner.

BOF employs 4 members of staff and has a pool of 42+ volunteers from which to draw solid scientific and/or analytical expertise and/or web site experience. One of the strengths of the Foundation is its ability to manage projects in an agile and proactive way. The organisation works closely with National Parks, local authorities, HEIs and other NGO's both in Hungary and Europe. The rich network provides a robust background to find solutions and answers to various questions. This makes it possible to form teams that can provide specific input into different projects as required.

The BOF as a public benefit organisation goes through annually strict audits and quality assurance procedures. The Board of Trustees supervises the operation of the organisation in accordance with the legal charter of the BOF. For vocational education projects – and elsewhere it might apply – we use ECVET as a quality assurance tool for our training programmes.